April 10, 2020

Medix Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Medix Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor quickly and accurately measures your blood pressure with a push of a single button.

It comes with an easy-fit-all cuff for accurate and comfortable reading.


Medix Blood Pressure Benefits

LCD display signal

How to read measurement blood pressure?

Systolic blood pressure High pressure measurement result
Diastolic blood pressure Low pressure measurement result
Pulse Pulse/minute
Deflating CUFF air is exhausting of deflating
Time (hour:minute) Current time
Memory Displays measurement values from the stored memory. For instructions, refer to manual.
mmHg Measurement Unit of blood pressure
Low battery Batteries are low and need to be replaced
Arrhythmia Irregular heartbeat
Grade The grade of blood pressure
For instructions, refer to manual.
Power supply Battery powered mode:
6VDC 4*AA batteries
AC adaptor powered mode:
6V — 1A
Display mode Digital  LCD  V.A.60*80mm
Measurement mode Oscillographic testing mode
Measurement range Rated cuff pressure:
0mmHg-300mmHg (0kPa-40kPa)
Measurement pressure:40mmHg-230mmHg
pulse value:(40-199)beat/minute
Accuracy Pressure:
5°C-40°C within±0.4kPa(3mmHg)
pulse value:±5%
Operation condition Temperature:5°C to 40°C Relative humidity ≤85%RH
Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa to 106kPa
Storage & transportation
Temperature:-20°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity: 10%RH to 93%RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 50kPa to 106 kPa
Measurement perimeter
of the upper arm
About 22cm~32cm
Weight Approx.300g(Excluding the dry cells)
External dimensions Approx.102mm×143mm×73mm
Attachment 4*AA batteries, user manual
Mode of operation Continuous operation
Degree of protection Type BF applied part
Protection against
ingress of water